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Strategy Workshops

Involve, educate and empower your key people in the creation of strategy 
for your organisation.

Sentius Strategy

Strategy and services, for growth

Sentius Strategy Workshops guide and facilitate the development of strategy either as part of a total Strategy Development Program or on a project basis. Workshops are designed to uncover & define strategies and/or to identify and resolve organisational and strategic issues. Workshops are conducted at all levels and across all areas of business and marketing strategy. Sentius workshops are inspiring and intensive, results focused and tailored to the specific needs of your organisation.

  • Business Strategy Development
  • Marketing Strategy Development
  • Brand Strategy Development
  • Uncovering & defining Core Ideology: - Vision, Mission, Values
  • Commitment to a Cause - Unifying & Aligning your team
  • Strategic Business Planning
  • Establishing Goals & Objectives
  • Uncovering Strategies for Business Growth
  • Business Unit & Portfolio Planning
  • Dare to be Different - Brand Positioning Strategy
  • The Importance of Brand - Uncovering & Identifying Brand Identity
  • What Went Wrong? - Defining & Resolving Organisational & Strategic Issue
  • Defining & Targeting Key Customer Segments
  • Left Arm/Right Arm - Achieving Organisational Alignment
  • Where is the Value? - Uncovering & Defining Meaningful Value Propositions

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Other Services

Marketing Consulting & Management

Complete marketing strategy development and marketing plan services at all levels for any business and industry.

We build businesses & brands and we are all about real, measurable outcomes. 

Creating sound, powerful and actionable strategies to help your business and brands achieve purpose, advantage, improvement and growth.


Business Strategy & Services

Sentius provides business strategy and plan development tailored to the size, situation and needs of your business.

We create comprehensive, powerful and actionable strategies to help your business achieve purpose, advantage, improvement and growth.

We provide the expertise, experience and direction needed to support all areas of business – strategy, advisory, organisational, legal, operations and finance.


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Strategy Workshops