Sentius Strategy

Strategy and services, for growth

Mark Fraser

CEO – Sentius Group

Nicky Ginger

Group Strategy Director

Christian Roth

Director – Growth & Partnerships

Diverse team of experienced business, marketing and digital strategists to provide the support and direction your business needs

David Bedggood

Senior Client Strategy Manager

Kim Morison

Strategy Manager – Research & Projects

We cover the full spectrum of business and marketing services as an extension of your business and team

Ember Mitchell

Senior Consultant – Digital Strategy

Scott Robertson

Manager – Dev Operations & Projects

Jarrod Firmani

Campaign Strategy Manager

Travis Gillet

Senior Consultant – Social Media & Content Production

Ann Nguyen

Senior Client Campaign Manager

Lauren Mills

Senior Graphic Designer

All about RESULTS and GROWTH. Our commitment is to guide and support the achievement of Growth for businesses and brands

Maria Ferreira

Senior Consultant – PR & Content Marketing

Tharindu Gunawardana

SEO Manager

Mark Brown

Senior Concept Designer

Sarah Taylor

Senior Graphic Designer

Lisa Pike

Campaign Consultant – Social & Content

Steven Wallace

Director – Website Hosting & Maintenance

Megan Scott

Consultant – Email Marketing & Content Creation

Sheng Yi Lee

Digital Designer

We build businesses & brands and we are all about real, measurable outcomes

Santosh Pratihast

SEO Team Manager

Michelle Zhang

Finance & Administration

Chloe Dao

Web Project Manager

Marisa Warrington

Talent & Media

Rod Fuller

Account Director

Other Services

Marketing Consulting & Management

Complete marketing strategy development and marketing plan services at all levels for any business and industry.

We build businesses & brands and we are all about real, measurable outcomes. 


Strategy Workshops

Sentius Strategy Workshops will guide, inspire and facilitate the development of effective strategy either as part of a total Strategy Development Program or on a project basis to uncover & define strategies or to identify and resolve strategic issues.


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